Friday, June 30, 2017

My classroom is full of music

The question I get asked the most often is about the music that I use in my classroom. Here are the answers!!!
I use It Starts in the Heart CD every day. We sing Get Ready, My School Family, S.T.A.R.Song,  and more. This CD is available here:
This is a class favorite. We LOVE and use most of these songs but Greetings and Move and Freeze are our favorites. you can get this CD here ,
and here

This CD I could not go without. We rest everyday to You Can Relax Now but the class LOVES Its Brainsmart Time and Johnny Works with Hammers also. Get this CD here:

We use the I Love Rituals CD's everyday as well. This in HUGE for building connections between students and teachers and students to students. Get it here:

This CD has been huge in children understanding kindness. We sing I Am a Bucket Filler. We used this song in our End of the Year Celebration.
I hope you find this musical playlist helpful.I would love to hear what is playing in your CD player. 
Always, Wishing you well
Caroline King

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