Wednesday, September 14, 2016

4 steps for a calmer Preschool drop-off

Are you having a difficult time when dropping your child off at Preschool or a difficult time getting your child ready for bus pick up?
Your preschooler’s body is telling you important information about his feelings. Here's how to help:
1. Provide empathy for his upset
2. Focus on safety
3. Do an active calming technique
4. Do a connection ritual before you leave
EMPATHY Dos & Don'ts
👍 Do say, “Your body tells me you might be feeling scared about staying at school while I go to work."
👎 Don't say, "You're okay."
SAFETY Dos & Don'ts
👍 Do say, "You are safe at school. Ms. Delinda will keep you safe.”
👎 Don't say, "You love Ms. Delinda. You make her feel sad when you cry."
ACTIVE CALMING 👍 Dos - There are no Don'ts! Breathe together using an active calming technique like the 🌟 S.T.A.R.
Stop & smile 😊
Take a deep breath 💨
And 💙
Relax 😎
Practice S.T.A.R. Breathing, frequently, so this active calming technique becomes second nature.
👍 Do establish a connection ritual that you do together every morning at bus time. Or if your child is a drop off, do a connection ritual at school.  Involve the teacher in the ritual if possible.
👎 Don't change it up. Keep it all as consistent as possible.
After the ritual, it is time for you to leave. Breathe deeply and assertively state, “I’ll be back after your snack time. ( Use a specific event , ask your teacher for help) Ms. Delinda will keep you safe. You can handle it,” and pass your child into Ms. Delinda waiting arms.
Instead of feeling bad about leaving or feeling upset about the disruption, envision your child as capable and strong. Walk away, breathing and wishing well knowing you can both handle this.
As always, we wish you well!


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