Thursday, July 14, 2016

          The Ready Kids Conference 2016 is over, but it was an amazing three days

The Superintendent from Carey County Ky. schools. Mr. Marion Sowders was very inspiring when he said "Poverty isn't destiny."

 "Because every word you say builds your child's brain,” are the words that Dr. Dana Suskind, Director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative wanted us to remember.

          We heard from Dr. Walter Gilliam "Promise to bath our children in language."

All of these wonderful inspiring professionals agreed that connection is important but no one  spoke about how you get that connection. Connections are built from:
eye contact

  One way to build a connection is with an I Love You Rituals. Human connection creates neural connections in the brain. Our brains are shaped by our loving relationships. The health of a child’s relationships with others is the vital link to academic success. I Love You Rituals are activities that provide unconditional acceptance, sensory integration, caring touch and messages of hope for children. In just minutes a day, these powerful rituals:
• Promote learning and literacy
• Increase attention span
• Decrease power struggles
• Increase cooperation
• Enhance self-esteem through
• permanent brain chemistry changes
• Integrate the brain
Everything you need to know about I Love You Rituals you can find in Becky Bailey’s Book
Connection is the key
Cooperation follows connection

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